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Immunology is a science that deals with the protective mechanisms of the body against foreign substances.


50% genetic material from the mother

50% genetic material from the father

The embryo contains 50% genetic material from the mother and 50% from the father. A part of the foetus coming from the father is the foreign body for the mother’s body. In some cases, the mother’s body may develop an immunological reaction to this foreign part of the embryo, and the embryo may get rejected, resulting in recurrent pregnancy losses. Immunological rejection is a common cause of recurrent implantation failures leading to IVF failures and recurrent early pregnancy losses ( blighted ovum and missed abortion). It is also associated with problems in late pregnancy such as pregnancy-induced hypertension and IUGR.

Many blood tests help diagnose immunological problems causing pregnancy failure. Some common treatment modalities for immunological problems include Lymphocyte immune Therapy(LIT), Intralipid injections, Immunoglobulin injections, and Heparin injections.

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