Punjab Govt. Notification of Contract Employees Regularisation

The Punjab government recently made an announcement regarding the regularisation of contract employees. This move is expected to benefit thousands of employees who have been working on temporary or contractual basis in various government departments.

According to the notification, the contract employees who have completed at least three years of continuous service in the same department will be considered for regularisation. The government has also set up a committee to scrutinize the cases of such employees and take a decision based on their work experience, performance, and other relevant factors.

This decision is a significant step towards providing job security to contract employees who have been working with the government for years without any formal assurance of job security. It will also help in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of government departments as regularised employees are likely to be more committed and productive than those working on a temporary basis.

The government`s move has been welcomed by various employee unions and associations, who have been demanding regularisation of contract employees for a long time. Many of these employees have been working on meager salaries and without any benefits such as medical insurance, provident fund, or gratuity. Regularisation will provide them with these benefits and improve their living standards.

Regularisation will also help in reducing the burden on government departments, which are currently relying heavily on contractual employees to perform their daily functions. This, in turn, will lead to better service delivery and improved public satisfaction with government services.

In conclusion, the Punjab government`s decision to regularise contract employees is a welcome move that will benefit both employees and the government. It will provide job security to thousands of employees and improve the efficiency of government departments. We hope that other state governments will follow suit and provide job security to contract employees working in various departments.

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