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If you`re an employer in the UAE, it`s important to have a labour contract in place that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for your workers. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) offers a helpful online service that allows employers to download a standard labour contract template. This article will explain the importance of labour contracts, how to download the MOHRE template, and what to include in your contract.

Why are labour contracts important?

Labour contracts are important because they protect the rights of both the employer and the employee. A well-drafted labour contract ensures that both parties understand their obligations and responsibilities. For employers, it provides a legal framework for managing their workforce, while for employees, it guarantees job security and fair treatment.

What is MOHRE`s labour contract template?

MOHRE`s labour contract template is a standard form that includes all the necessary clauses required by UAE Labour Law. The template is available in both English and Arabic and covers all types of employment, including limited-term contracts, indefinite-term contracts, and part-time contracts.

How to download MOHRE`s labour contract template

To download MOHRE`s labour contract template, follow these steps:

1. Visit MOHRE`s website:

2. Click on the “e-Services” tab

3. Select “Labour Services”

4. Click on “Download a standard employment contract”

5. Choose the language and type of contract you require

6. Fill in the necessary details such as employer name, employee name, job title, salary, etc.

7. Click “Generate Contract” and download the completed contract in PDF format

What to include in your labour contract

When filling in the details of your labour contract, there are certain clauses that must be included to comply with UAE Labour Law. Here is a list of the main clauses:

1. Employee details: including name, age, nationality, and passport details

2. Employer details: including name, address, and trade license number

3. Job title and description: outlining the duties and responsibilities of the employee

4. Salary and benefits: including basic salary, allowances, overtime, and annual leave

5. Working hours: specifying the number of hours per day and per week

6. Probationary period: stating the duration of the probation period and the terms for termination during this period

7. Termination: outlining the notice period required for both the employer and employee

8. End of service benefits: specifying the gratuity amount that the employee is entitled to upon termination

In conclusion, having a well-drafted labour contract is essential for all employers in the UAE to protect the rights of both themselves and their employees. By downloading MOHRE`s standard employment contract template, you can ensure that your contract is compliant with UAE Labour Law and covers all the necessary clauses. Make sure to fill in all the required details accurately and clearly to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings in the future.

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